The Third Coast Dance Film Festival celebrates the intersection of contemporary dance and the moving image with a screening series of short dance films.  We program films that reflect diversity in genre, form, and representation.  Low budget/high impact and female driven (cis, trans, non binary, gender-fluid) work are of high interest to our curators.

Established in 2010 in Houston, TX, the Third Coast Dance Film Festival is now based in Reno, NV.   The festival includes a touring program that has traveled to various arts venues and universities in Pennsylvania, Alabama, Nevada, California, Nebraska, North Caroline, and Texas.  Rosie Trump is the founder, director, and chief curator of the Third Coast Dance Film Festival.  Guest curators include Charli Brissey, Ellen Duffy, Lydia Hance, Jennifer Keller, Jodie Barker, Ashley Horn, and Rebecca Salzer, Eve Allen Garza, and Laura Gutierrez.

The 2023 festival guest curators are Jordan Fuchs, Rosa Lina Lima, and Noelle Ruggieri.